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ihasacrichton's Journal

Farscape Cat Macros
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Farscape LOLcat macros
Pictures of cats (and other animals) with Farscape-related text, Farscape pictures with cat macro style text (I HAS A FLAVOR etc etc etc), those parody motivational posters, icons of the same junk, and so on, are all on-topic here.

I’m also willing to allow pictures from other shows with Farscape-related text because, hey, it gives me a place to post the ones I’ve made.

Nothing Farscape is considered spoilerish, if you’re here then you’ve likely seen them all. If you haven’t seen them all, go watch them. Really.

Anything likely to spoil another show (i.e. Doctor Who) should be behind an LJ-cut with a warning (i.e. SPOILERS). The same is true of any images that are not safe for work (NSFW, to steal a term from elsewhere).

Big images or long posts should also be behind a cut for the sake of people's flists and those surfing on dial-up.
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